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Class Rooms :
We believe that teaching is not just loading the students with plethora of lectures and lessons. It is more about developing their logical and analytical abilities through demonstration with various intriguing methods and tools. Our class room provides an atmosphere wherein we focus more on dynamic interaction and use with various resources which are far beyond the traditional method of teaching.

All our teaching spaces are well-equipped with wi-fi, internet facility and audio video and multimedia & used while teaching.

Laboratories :
We have dedicated well-equipped laboratories for each branch in engineering. The labs are designed in such a way that it complements the theoretical knowledge under the strict vigilance of an instructor. All guidance is provided to the students as to how they should use the tools and equipment, so that they are well trained to solve complex problems and do their assignments and projects at ease.

Computer Lab :
The institute boasts of the latest state of the art IT equipment. It has high speed Pentium 1.3 Processor with 2.66 GHz, Windows 8.1 based Operating System. The lab is also powered with Scanners, LCD's, Laser Printers, Web Cams for video conferencing. All systems are loaded with latest software which are essential for the students to interact and learn.

Seminar Hall :
We have a large and sophisticated seminar hall with proper sitting arrangements. The hall is equipped with Ultra-Modern digital acoustics fitted with audio and visual aid. Along with this, the institute has a Conference Room with all smart audio- visual presentation tools.

Library :
The institute has a well-stocked library stacked with large volume of 11000+titles which includes text books, reference books, National and International Periodicals & Journals. Our library is being fully digital to support our students get an access to specific information suited for their needs.

The library provides latest research and reference material in print and audio-visual format. It also provides facility to refer E-Journals, CD's, Project Reports etc.

Cafeteria :
We have a huge cafeteria serving hygienic food to the students. It serves all nutritional food and beverages. We have also developed a methodology called the "cafeteria approach" wherein the students can sit together in groups and have discussion and sharing their view-point regarding their ongoing and future project studies.

Sports and Games :
The institute has a provision of various indoor and outdoor games to keep the students engaged during their leisure time. The institute aims to develop their physical health through various sports and mind-boggling games to sharpen their mind and intellect. The institute has its own football, cricket ground, volleyball court and a common room to play table tennis and carom boards.

Training and Placement :
KPS Institute of Polytechnic has developed an independent Corporate Resource Management Centre (CRMC) to train the students keeping in tune with the changing requirements of the industry as per the socio-economic needs.

The CRMC aims at bringing corporate luminaries to guide the students with valuable insight enabling the students to be industry appropriate.

CRMC focuses on inculcating the right attitude needed by students to remain competitive. It gives them general awareness of the current trends and career opportunities by organizing various activities like workshops, seminars, industrial visits by the students, industry specific studies & consultancy projects from time to time. Further inter disciplinary sessions & discussions are held from time to time.

Scholarships and Social Activities:
We at KPS Institute of Polytechnic have undertaken an initiative to facilitate our students to avail Scholarship Benefits for their better future. We have also initiated a joint effort to organise several voluntary camps, cultural activities, social awareness programmes to promote general awareness of well-being & self-development. The institute also organises yoga classes on regular basis to educate the students about good health and positive frame of mind and stay calm and relaxed during critical phases of a students' life that might lead to high stress levels.
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